All the Rage Back Home

I haven’t been keeping up with posting because, well…I have a life that requires time away from being online. I just don’t have the time I used to for going through email after email of songs or devouring album after album. I’m becoming much pickier in my old age.
That being said, I was able to go see Interpol this week in Detroit, and it was a real treat. The songs played were a balanced portion from Turn on the Bright Lights, Antics, and El Pintor with one song from Our Love to Admire. I was supposed to see them a few years ago in Cleveland but that tour got canceled since they were scheduled to be the opening act for U2. It was well worth the wait.
And even though a large number of people were staring down at their phones through the entire opening act set (their loss), Algiers put on one hell of a show and I have really high hopes for these guys. Their self-titled album comes out on June 2nd.