But few fans, it seems, ever really suspected Bowie would do anything quite so mundane as dying.

I couldn’t have possibly come up with a more appropriate title for the post than that, so I stole it from a Guardian article. I’m still in shock. I know that as I get older, the people I look up to and admire are going to die, but this is not one I was ever prepared for. I think even if it had been public that he had cancer, I still wouldn’t have been prepared.

My first exposure to David Bowie was as a little girl, about 5 years old, when my mom or one of my aunts would put the record on for “Changes” and I would do my best to dance to it.

So, I’ve basically had an on-and-off relationship with David Bowie for 35 years. And after seeing the news today of his passing on my FB feed, today, it’s been all ‘on’. And tomorrow, too.

I don’t have any really clever words to describe what it is that I felt 13 hours ago, or what I’m feeling now. I just know that my heart hurts and I will miss the excitement that comes with new Bowie music. But I still have plenty of his music to keep me company.

From all of us outsiders, freaks, weirdos, and any of the overall folks who just didn’t follow the norm or fit in, to Mr. David Bowie (David Jones), hot tramp, I love you so.